Crus & Stills provides a diverse expertise of services for our clients which can be customized based on their needs:

Sales: Our network of distribution opportunities covers all markets in the U.S. and select markets in the Caribbean and Europe. We work with sales teams by way of strategic plans and ground level sales support.

Brand Incubation: The earliest stages of growing a new or existing brand are critical for long term success. We will provide a detailed plan for a successful route to market.

Corporate Identity, Digital, Package Design: Awarded design partners are pushing the boundaries of identity to challenge and capture the attention of the industry. Today’s consumer choices are heavily reliant on packaging, WEB, video, stories and instant communicationNoodles Comunicazione® is our lead partner for these services.

Analysis: Information is valuable provided that we take the time to understand it and utilize it to our advantage. Crus & Stills masters data analysis and can provide effective recommendations for any brand, both new and existing.

Quality Control and Sustainability: Quality is king, Natural is the future... and there are thousands of products available to the consumer. Crus & Stills has a keen understanding of quality and trends. We help brands establish and maintain controls in the winemaking and distilling process.

Marketing: This is an expanding arena that can be confusing or overwhelming for many brands entering the market for the first time, or for brands looking to re-invigorate their positioning. Crus & Stills works with clients to design the most effective plan for marketing tools, including building a campaign that will take them to the next level. We personalize brand plans across many mediums including: PR, media relations, social media, web presence, guerilla marketing, event curation and execution, print campaigns and experiential events.

Training Education: Knowledge is power. Defining the right path for educating the industry and the consumer about a brand or category is a critical factor in success. Crus & Stills will create the framework and narrative for a brand to effectively position it in the marketplace with lasting impact. We work with sales organizations in training & education so that the brand’s culture is highlighted.

Compliance & Logistics: Crus & Stills has access to exceptional quality providers in the alcohol beverage space for regulatory law, shipping, logistics and warehousing. We are available to assist and help connect our clients with the best providers.